0870 280 5133 Apple Contact Number

Apple is a technology company that is based in the United States, but sells products globally. If you are searching for a way to get in touch with the company, Apple support number 0870 280 5133 can be dialing to connect. Apple is well-known for its MacIntosh (MAC) computers, as well as its “I” products, such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. Most recently, the company has released a smartwatch. Apple has been around since the 70’s, when it was formed by the trio of Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. Today, the company is based in California, and run under the direction of CEO Tim Cook.

Apple Support for Ordering Products

The Apple helpline can be reached by dialing 0870 280 5133 from any mobile phone or landline. Assistance is available for many matters related to ordering, such as product specifications, placing an order, canceling an order, returning an item, and tracking a shipment. Some of these tasks can be completed on the company website: http://www.apple.com. The fastest way to get help with any of these topics is to call and speak with the customer service department, but if you would prefer email contact, emails can be sent to: contactus.uk@euro.apple.com. Surprisingly, Apple does not offer customer assistance via social media website.

Apple Contact Support Hours

Apple support hours vary, depending on the department that you wish to speak with. General inquiries are accepted seven days a week between the hours of 4am and 10pm, Pacific. Assistance for business customers is also offered on those days and during those same hours, as is assistance with matters related to product education. For institutions, help is available seven days a week, between the hours of 5:30am and 4:30pm. To learn more, visit: http://www.apple.com/contact and choose the category that most closely matches the topic that you wish to discuss, or call 0870 280 5133.

The aforementioned number can also be used if you need help with your online account, or your Apple ID. If you need to create an ID or manage one, this may be done online. The same goes for an Apple Store account. There is no cost to create an account, and having one means that you will be able to complete many tasks online, such as saving billing information, viewing past orders, printing invoices, and much more.

Apple Support for Hardware Problems

Apple offers help for hardware (and software) problems both over the phone and in person. For in-person assistance, customers need to visit a retail location that provides a “Genius Bar”. Basically, this is a location that has trained staff on hand to troubleshoot problems, and if possible, make repairs on the spot. It is necessary to schedule an appointment, and that can be done by calling 0870 280 5133. Additional information about how to schedule an appointment, and the type of assistance that is available is available on the Apple website within the support area.

If you do plan to take your product in for service, consider backing up your data. Taking care of this, and setting the appointment is really all that needs to be done on your end. When you arrive at your appointment, check in to let your assigned “Genius” know that you are there. This can be done using the Apple Store app if you wish. Most appointments last approximately 15-minutes, and there is the chance that your product may need to be sent elsewhere for repairs. If that is the case, your repair person will explain the problem and needed work, and will discuss repair costs, if any.

Apple Contact Number for Workshops and Programs

Everyone who purchases an Apple product is able to sign up to one or more free educational workshops. These workshops are for adults, but there are educational services for children as well. One-on-one training is also made available to those who buy a brand new iPad, iPhone, or Mac computer. If you would like to sign up to a workshop, or need to find the location nearest you, call 0870 280 5133.

At this time the workshop options include:

  • Apple Watch (Entry Level)
  • MacIntosh Basics (Intro)
  • Personalize Your MacIntosh
  • iPhone Basics
  • Personalize Your iPhone
  • iPad Basics
  • Personalize Your iPad
  • Staying Connected (Facetime, Messages, More)
  • iCloud Basics
  • Photo Enhancement
  • iMovie for Films
  • Film Editing

Apple Customer Service Number for Business

Apple offers up many different products that will appeal to business owners. Apple help is provided to business customers who are interested in how these products may help them to be more successful. The company has its own dedicated business team who can help with personalized product recommendations, as well as full product support. Training is also offered, and this will help employees learn how to properly use the devices that are provided. If you need to speak with Apple about products for business, or are currently a business customer in need of assistance, call 0870 280 5133 during business hours.

Apple Refurbished Devices and Product Recycling

One cost-saving and environment-friendly option presented to customers is the ability to purchase refurbished devices. These devices are put through a comprehensive refurbishing process that ensures that they are able to meet the same standards as new devices. Although these products are technically considered to be used, they are guaranteed to work like new and are covered by a 1-year warranty. Those who would prefer to have their refurbished product covered for a longer period of time can purchase an AppleCare service plan. These plans cover the cost of repairs if the device fails to function correctly during the covered service time-period.

It may be possible to recycle your old Apple device when you are done using it. In some cases, you can even receive store credit for doing so. Certain iPhones and iPads are accepted, as are some Mac computers. You can contact Apple to learn which devices are being accepted at the current time, but may need to have the device inspected before being provided with a credit amount. This can be done online, by providing some information about the device, along with some information about the condition of the device. Visit the “Reuse and Recycle” area of the website to start the process of recycling online. If you need help with this, call 0870 280 5133 and speak with a representative who can help.

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