0870 280 5126 eBay Contact Number

eBay operates an e-commerce business that provides an online platform for buyers and sellers. If you need to get in touch with the company, eBay contact number 0870 280 5126 can be used to place a call to the customer service department. eBay has now been in business for over twenty years, and is based in California. Although headquartered in the US, the company operates on a global scale, managing over thirty websites in different countries. The platforms provided allow buyers and sellers to be connected and complete sales transactions via online auctions or straight sales.

The primary website can be found at: http://www.ebay.com. On the site, sellers can list their goods and services for sale, and buyers can view these, making a bid or purchase if they wish. There is no cost associated with buying, aside from paying for any products purchased, of course. At one time, eBay and PayPal were connected, but the two have now split. This means that you will not be able to use the PayPal contact number (0870 280 5126) to contact eBay. Keep this in mind if you experience any problems related to using PayPal to pay for items purchased on eBay.

eBay Phone Number for Buyer Support

In order to place bids or purchase items on the site, buyers must have an eBay account. Accounts can be created within a few minutes, and there is no cost to sign up. If you run into any problems when trying to create an account, or need to retrieve a username or password, call 0870 280 5126. Most issues can be easily solved within just a few minutes. If you only need to change your password, this can be done on the website after you have logged into your account.

There are two ways in which to participate as a buyer. One is to bid on goods or services that have been listed in auction format. In these listings, the winner of the auction is the highest bidder at the time the auction ends. The other method is to simply make a purchase when an item is listed with a “Buy It Now” price. Help is available both online and via phone if you need assistance with the bidding or buying process. Buying is explained in full detail on the site within the “Help & Contact” area.

eBay help for buyers is available for:

  • How to bid
  • Using Buy It Now
  • Paying for items
  • Canceling bids
  • Leaving feedback for sellers
  • Problem resolution
  • Account help
  • Returning items
  • Tracking shipments

Buyers may also need help with resolving problems when shipments become lost, an item arrives damaged, the wrong item was received, or an item simply does not meet expectations. In many cases, buyers and sellers are able to work out these problems among themselves, but in order cases, eBay support may be needed. If you run into a problem with buying, eBay customer service number 0870 280 5126 will put you in touch with the resolution team.

eBay Contact Number for Seller Support

The process of listing and selling items on eBay often causes questions to arise. Selling guides are available online, and eBay customer services are also available if you need help with learning how to sell on the site. Sales specialists can help with a number of things, such as providing tips that help sellers pay the least amount of fees while getting the most money for the goods and services that they list.

Seller support is available for:

  • Getting started
  • Creating listings
  • Calculating selling fees
  • Packing & shipping
  • Printing shipping labels on-site
  • Resolving problems
  • Paying fees
  • Changing selling limits

Of these topics, fees are the most popular subject area. There are sometimes fees associated with posting listings, and then there are final value fees. A specific number of free listings may be provided each month, with additional listings costing money. Final value fees are always charged, and these are based upon the final sales price of the item. The fee structure for each product category can be found online. To ask questions about fees, call eBay customer support at 0870 280 5126.

eBay Help for Accounts

Everyone, buyers and sellers, must have an account in order to participate on the website. If you would like to both buy and sell, the same account can and should be used. In some cases, sellers are able to have more than one account, but should contact eBay prior to creating multiple accounts. Sellers do have the option to open an eBay Store, and will not need to create a new account in order to do so. If you need help with updating your account information, understand monthly billing, or wish to report a security concern related to your account, call eBay at 0870 280 5126 between the hours of 5am and 10pm Pacific. Help is available 7-days a week during these business hours.

Contact eBay – Email & Social Media

Many people search for alternative eBay contact methods, such as email and social media. The company does not provide a single email address for customer service, but does make this method of contact available under certain conditions via their website. Social media contact is also an option. Having said that, questions should be general in nature when posted to social media, and should never contain usernames, passwords, or any billing information. The links below can be used to connect with eBay via social media:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eBay

Twitter: https://twitter.com/eBay or https://twitter.com/eBay_UK

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ebay

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/ebay

Some requests will need to be handled via the online resolution process. This system is in place to help buyers and sellers work problems out before eBay has to step in and decide how the problem will be solved. The system is made available online in order to reduce the number of calls to eBay customer service, but it is still possible to call the company if you have questions related to the problem resolution process by dialing 0870 280 5126 during the business hours listed above.

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