Sky Contact Number – 0870 280 5130

Sky is a telecommunications company that offers several services, such as pay TV, internet, and home phone. If you would like to get in touch with Sky customer services, contact number 0870 280 5130 can be used. Sky has been in business since 1990, when a merger took place between Sky TV and British Satellite Broadcasting. The company offers its services throughout the UK, but also offers services in other locations, such as Ireland, Germany, Italy, and more. At the moment, Sky holds the top spot as being the largest pay TV broadcaster in the UK.

Sky Phone Numbers:

Helpline Phone Number International Number
Sky Customer Services 0870 280 5130 +44 870 280 5130
Sky TV 0870 280 6345 +44 870 280 6345
Sky Broadband 0870 280 5687 +44 870 280 5687
Sky Talk 0870 280 5660 +44 870 280 5660

Contacting Sky Customer Services

The Sky website can be found at: There, visitors will find information about the services that are offered, and can also log into and manage their accounts. For more detailed information, you may want to contact Sky by calling 0870 280 5130. When you call the customer service department, help is available for many different topics, such as:

  • Television Service
  • Internet Service
  • Sky Go
  • Sky Talk (Home Phone)
  • Yahoo Email
  • Online Accounts
  • Billing & Payments
  • Problem Reporting
  • Setting Up Service
  • Moving Service
  • And More

Sky allows subscribers to use their website to complete some tasks, such as updating account information or adding/removing services. Instructions for how to make certain changes are provided on the company website. For all requests that cannot be taken care of directly on the website, customers can either call Sky, or use an alternative contact method such as email or social media to reach out to the company for help.

Contact Sky for Service Problems

Any problems related to service can be reported by calling 0870 280 5130. Problems with service or devices can be reported when you call Sky on that number. If you would like to check for area-wide problems, that can be done on the company website by visiting the status page. It is also possible to test your satellite signal strength from the website as well. When submitting a problem report, the representative that you speak with will let you know if a service call to your home is going to be required. If so, you will be able to set up an appointment at that time. In most cases, there is no cost associated with repair, but if there are any costs, you will be notified upfront.

Sky Phone Number for Accounts & Billing Assistance

Assistance is available for any matter related to accounts and billing. If you need to make changes to your account, have questions about a bill, need help with logging into your account, or have any other account related questions, call Sky. Bills can be viewed online, but if you need clarification for a charge, you will need to contact the company. Some tasks can be managed online, such as changing your password, or updating your contact information. It is also possible to change your Sky ID, but will first need to log into your account before being able to make any changes.

Sky Customer Services for Television

Sky offers several different tiers of television subscription service. Each of these includes free-to-air stations, entertainment channels, and HD channels. There are bundles available, and these may provide discounts when customers order more than one service. A contract may be required in order to receive special pricing. Contracts state that you will continue to pay for service for a specified period of time. Call 0870 280 5130 to ask for information on the latest offers for new customers. Bundle information can also be viewed on the website, along with any special offers that are currently in place.

Sky Contact Number for Internet

Sky offers broadband and fibre services at low prices. Service is sometimes even free. There may or may not be data limits in place, depending on the service plan that you select. Unlimited options are available. Sky phone number 0870 280 5130 can be used to get in touch with someone who can walk you through the available options and provide rate details. There is no obligation to order service, or to change service when calling. This number can also be used to order internet, check on an equipment order, or report problems with your service.

Sky Helpline for Service Installation & Moving Home

When you dial the contact number for Sky, you can get help with setting up service for the very first time, or moving your existing service to a new location. Setting up or moving can each take a few days to complete, so it is best to call as soon as possible, and to allow a few days for the changes to be made. In some cases, equipment will need to be mailed to you. Shipments can be tracked online using the tracking number provided.

Various costs may be associated with setting up new service, but there are not costs for moving home. Since transferring service requires that equipment be moved from one location to the next, it is not possible to have service on at multiple locations. Call Sky customer services at 0870 280 5130 if you need help with scheduling your service move.

Sky Contact for Email and Social Media

In order to send an email to the company, you will need to log into your account and use the information provided. No account is needed if you wish to get in touch with Sky via social media, but do be cautious about posting questions or comments that contain any personal information. To contact Sky via social media, the following links can be used to visit their accounts:




If you would like to first see if your question can be answered online, visit: and select the appropriate category. Answers to many popular questions are provided, along with details about each type of service. If you cannot find the information that you are looking for, or need a more in-depth answer to your question, contact Sky customer services using one of the methods listed above, or call 0870 280 5130 to speak with an agent.

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